El día que me lavé la cara en el inodoro par Brenda Kearns

El día que me lavé la cara en el inodoro par Brenda Kearns

Titre de livre: El día que me lavé la cara en el inodoro

Auteur: Brenda Kearns

Broché: 142 pages

Date de sortie: January 27, 2015

Éditeur: Brenda Kearns

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Brenda Kearns avec El día que me lavé la cara en el inodoro

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El día que me lavé la cara en el inodoro

A laugh-out-loud novel that’s perfect for girls and young teens!

All 14-year-old Monica Bloomfield wants is to spend August at a science camp far away from her idiot sister and weird little brother. Trouble is, Monica’s being dragged into the wedding party of her crabby old great aunt who lives in England—and if she wants to earn that science camp, she has to keep her siblings in line for the entire trip, plus convince her crazy grandma to move into a nursing home pronto. Monica’s determined to succeed, but things start out badly—and go downhill fast. First, her hyperactive brother overdoses on caffeine right before their eight-hour flight to England. Then a botched wine-tasting party ends so badly that even a policeman is left speechless (and in need of a new uniform). Getting into science camp isn’t going to be easy—especially with a rampaging bull, drunk parrot and the most gorgeous guy in the universe standing in her way.

En Español!
Todo lo que Monica Bloomfield, una adolescente de 14 años, desea es pasar el mes de agosto en un campamento científico, lejos de su tonta hermana y su extravagante hermano menor. El problema es que Monica se ve obligada a asistir a la boda de su gruñona tía abuela que vive en Inglaterra. Y si desea ganarse el derecho de ir al campamento, debe cuidar el comportamiento de sus hermanos durante todo el viaje, y además, convencer a su abuela chiflada de mudarse a un hogar de ancianos inmediatamente. Monica está decidida a lograrlo, pero las cosas van de Guatemala... ¡a Guatepeor!

Su hermano, hiperactivo por naturaleza, bebe una sobredosis de cafeína justo antes del vuelo de ocho horas a Inglaterra. Luego, una malograda degustación de vino termina tan mal que hasta un policía se queda sin palabras (¡y con el uniforme arruinado!). Asistir a ese campamento científico no será una tarea sencilla, especialmente cuando se interponen en su camino un toro impredecible, un loro borracho y el chico más atractivo del mundo.

El día que me lavé la cara en el inodoro is a fast-paced tale about a girl trying to have a positive impact on her world and see social injustices corrected—with hilarious results, and one badly-mangled bridesmaid’s dress.

A Personal Note From The Author:

Unfortunately, I came up with the title of this book—and a pretty big chunk of the plot-line—the day I washed my face in a toilet. In my defense, we were living in the middle of nowhere, and a brutal storm had left us with no hydro, no heat, no lights and no running water for almost a week. I was cold and grimy, and by the fifth day I snapped. I pulled the top off the toilet tank and peered in. The water had been sitting there for days, so it smelled really funky. Also, every chain and bobbly thing in there was covered with a thick layer of (and here, I’m using the scientific term) bleck. Still, I was desperate. So I used the slimy toilet tank water and had what was probably the fastest sponge bath on record.

Sadly, the curry incident happened to me, too. Shortly before I boarded an eight-hour flight from England to Canada, a friend took me out for a huge curry feast. I’d never had curry, and my intestines weren’t sure what to do with the stuff, so they promptly rejected it. I developed a massive case of explosive curry farts. This book is a labor of love—but it’s laced with some of my most cringe-worthy experiences, too!

If you’re on the look-out for fun childrens Spanish books for young teens or tweens—or YOU love reading kids Spanish books that make you laugh out loud—then this one’s for you!

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